Things that women should not do during sex

Women sometimes do stupid things because they are nervous and are trying to make their man like them. Anyway, there are things that women should never do if they want to have good sex.

Things that women should avoid during sex:

Here are the things that you should do if you want to have good sex:

  • Do not cry. Women’s tears during sex push men into the indescribable panic. No matter what caused your tears – the joy of orgasm or the disappointment of bad sex, it is better to leave them for later. No need to cry either before or during or after sex (or seeing naked Jenny Scordamaglia Nude at
  • Do not use force. It happens historically that men cannot stand when dominated. Therefore, do not use your force during sex. The only situation where it is useful – if you want to stop sex
  • Admire. Men are like children and they constantly need confirmation of their own exclusiveness. Thereby, do not be afraid during sex to talk about how clever and young he is – it will only give him strength
  • Warm his interest. Men say they like it when women stimulate their imagination. For example, send a photo and video with something sexy.

Do not refuse. Very often men are offended if a woman refuses them during sex in some experiments. It is better to discuss with him why you do not want something. And if you still agree to the experiment, then ask in return for affection, which you have long dreamed of.