What Do Women Look for In Short Term Relationship

Sometimes what is better to have when it comes to relationships, is that which will expire after a while, that is short term relationship. Most people have opted for this kind of a relationship. It is attributed to the fact that, most individuals are getting tired of numerous heartaches; they have experienced it in the past, after a long term committed relationships. However, what women really look for in a short term relationship, tend to vary when it comes to men. That is why it is important to look at these specific features when look out for.

First and foremost, it is important to note that, as the name suggests, short term relationship, tend to fade after a while. Maybe three to six months. Most women will therefore, need to have someone they might have quality time with in terms of sexual favours, and other relation needs when it comes to short term relationships. This however, happens mostly to women, who recently divorced, their man are out working in places far away from them, or those who recently declared widows. The loneliness they face tends to overwhelm them, turning them into short term relationships.

Another reason related to what do women look for in short term relationships is for prestige purposes. These are people who can spend and spend on them. They do not take them seriously. They do not see them as better mates for them in the future. These are persons whom they can go out with anytime they feel like, without any hesitate, men whom can go with them shopping or visiting that salon parlour without mush interventions. We all know that, the characteristics of a good husband vary so much from the above said qualities; husbands tend to be so harsh, as opposed to boyfriends. So to get out of that cage, women get other men for short tem relationships. These are people they can relay on in case they need someone, to depend on for certain occasion.

Women tend to look for younger and more muscle built men in short term relationships. These are the hunks in the society. There is as much headaches as dating muscle built and handsome at the same time men. It is because of the overwhelming numbers of female admires, which can lead to him being unfaithful. However, in order to get a taste of how it would have been in case a person was married to them, most women tend to date them for short term relationship. Most women prefer average looking guys as their partners or husbands, but not the muscle built handsome guys.
When it comes to short term relationships, women tend to look for men who are not ready for any commitments. This is because; the women themselves are not in a rush to be committed to any man. It is like a trial basis, where a man and woman come together to see whether they can make that relationship ‘work’. Somebody they can have fun with at anytime. Go out together, camp, dance and enjoy life together before, their ‘time’ for commitments come.