Using A Wingman To Approach A Girl

I know that there are a lot of people who have issues with approaching women. No matter how many books and material are out there some people just don’t like approaching women. That’s fine. You don’t have to be a great approacher to seduce a girl.
What am I talking about?
Think about it, what is Michael Jackson good at? Singing and dancing. What’s his profession? An entertainer. What else does a good entertainer do? They also do acrobatics, they do magic, they can do public speaking, they can tell great jokes and so on and so forth.
But Michael Jackson can’t do ALL those things, but he is still a GREAT entertainer. So my point is this. Find something that you’re fantastic at in the seduction world and get very good at it. It’s much easier and faster for you to improve on your strengths than to work on your weaknesses.
But having said that, you do have weaknesses to deal with. So how do you resolve these issues? Well simple, you find something that just gets you to the spot that you’re good at.
Michael Jackson is not good at creating CDs and DVDs, he hires a producer and manager to do that. He just does the singing and dancing.
Same thing here, it’s perfectly fine to get someone to approach women for you.
If you’re having trouble approaching women, but you are very good at talking to a girl AFTER you have received some sort of introduction, then don’t be afraid to use a wingman to that effect.
I personally like to use a wingman to lead me in the approach and then I’ll close the deal, because building comfort and rapport is what I excel at, rather than the initial approach.
So perhaps your wingman will walk up to the girl and tell her you’re interested.
It’s at this point where you immediately come in and take over the situation – think about using the wingman as an ice breaker for your approach.
For example:
After a wingman talks to the girl, you walk up immediately to him and the girl and say “hello there, I didn’t want to scare you so I thought I’d get my friend to introduce me before I came and said hello”.
What you did there would seem confident, very attractive and also would not make you look like a coward – even though you had someone else approach the girl.
Just remember, it’s fine to use a wingman to approach a girl, as long as you know how to close the deal!