The Best Educational Systems In The World According To Up-To-Date Research

A very interesting study was conducted, in which experts tried to identify the factors that have the greatest impact on education and countries with the best educational systems. As a result, the first three places were occupied by Finland, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

Where can one get the best education in the world?

Education is one of the most important components of our world, and then, without proper education, our new generation will not have a future, because without it they simply will not be able to survive in this world.

There are countries where education is a priority area of life, and there are those where they do not pay attention at all. A good education is the best investment in the world when the time comes, it will not only pay off but will also bring profit. A good education system does not mean strict discipline, the quality is important.

All developed countries can boast of quality education, which is the key to their success. The rest of the countries are still working in this direction, but for some, success in the educational sphere cannot be overlooked.

#3 Finland

First of all, it is worth noting the significant attention to education by the government. Education in this country is free for all. Textbooks are provided free of charge in Finnish schools, children are fed free of charge and brought free of charge to school and taken home.

Pre-school organizations are also available, which work from 6 am to 6 pm, which is very convenient for parents working in different shifts. Higher education is also free, including for foreign students.

Educational institutions of all levels are equipped perfectly.

The relationship between the teacher and the student is very democratic, and the teacher’s authority is extremely high, it is reflected in wages and in the social benefits provided.

#2 South Korea

What is the educational system of this country?

In South Korea, education is a necessity for every Korean who wants to move up the social ladder, and the state, in turn, actively helps such people.

There are private and public educational institutions in the country. The level and authority of the latter are generally higher.

Leading universities of the state get generous financial grants, through which they can provide themselves a high level of faculty, as well as acquire modern scientific equipment.

The power of education, especially the higher, is incredibly strong in the country. Without education, a person cannot take a worthy place in the hierarchical society of South Korea. Thus, the role of the teacher is extremely high.

#1 Hong Kong

Why Hong Kong?

The fact is that the educational system of Hong Kong is very similar to the English and American, but at the same time, there are differences.

In Hong Kong, eight universities are active, in which people can engage in both professional training and complete higher education. Universities offer a variety of disciplines to choose from, and classes are conducted in English.

A characteristic feature of education in Hong Kong is the opportunity to get acquainted with local culture, language, and traditions.

It is worth noting that the educational institutions of Hong Kong pay great attention to the harmonious and comprehensive development of students.