Getting A Woman Attracted Enough To Pick You Up

It’s interesting that when guys try to list what attracts women, they usually mention looks, money and power. While that’s not a bad list and to tell you the truth, it’s pretty darn honest, things just aren’t the same when it comes to women, and what attracts them to men. Which is one of the reasons that men land these good women, honestly depicting their true feelings. Those things help, but as we will see, there exists many more powerful traits that will attract women.

The same thing applies to men, who in general, will be attracted to a seductive smile, good body language (posture) and signs of healthy. Fine. this is going to be easier than you though huh? The question is what attracts women? anything that is geared towards them. thats it. There are many issues that could help you in landing a very fine woman and being honest and attentive to her needs are important. What attracts women? The mention of something that involves their world.
This sounds crazy, I know, but there really are ways to go about getting women to pick you up. One of these methods is to act like you do not need them or even really want to be around them. The knee-jerk reaction will be as planned as the takeover of the stock market by the raiders, every detail will be rehearsed to the point of being old-hat.

The single biggest mistake that most guys make when it comes to being confident around women is to not rust their natural G-d given feelings about themselves. Having little or no confidence in yourself goes against every grain that is is your body.

Make the woman want to get into you in every way by just acting very naturally and doing the most important thing, acting as if you are ignoring them. It works, trust me. If you feel comfortable around them and yourself, they will pick up on this, and start to feel the same way. Simply being comfortable allows them to feel what nature has intended them to feel and the biological forces will take over.
One final thing is to try miroring some form of body language, if they cross their legs together, you cross your arms. Stand in their way without looking at them, and have fun acting natural and they will notice you. If they notice you, and they feel like they have report, they may just approach you.