Calling a Girl for the First Time?

Calling a girl for the first time can be really nerve-wrecking especially if you’ve not much experience talking to women. Now, for a lot of men, making the first phone call can be a make or break situation. It’s something that needs to be done the right way to guarantee one’s chances with a girl.
You may think that picking up the phone and dialing her number is an easy feat. It is, but what about actually talking to her? It’s not as simple as calling someone like the pizza delivery hotline or a neighbor.
Some guys would think that calling a girl to ask them out on a date is very simple because there’s the absence of vis-à-vis interaction. They think they can save face when they call, but there’s more into it than what meets the eye, so to speak.
To ensure your first phone call to a girl is successful, you’ve got to do some homework first. If you’re really nervous and can’t improvise well, make a list of the stuff you would talk about. List down questions you’d like to ask her. This will serve as your guide. It will eliminate awkward silences and pauses during your conversation.
Some guys think like they’re interviewing a girl. They have a list of questions in their minds for the girl. This is actually very helpful because you allowing her to do something that pleases her, which is to talk about herself. This will help you get to know her more.
But you shouldn’t be asking her all the time that the conversation sounds more like an interrogation. Interject some of your thoughts on the things she says. If she says she is a movie buff, tell her how much you love movies as well (this should be true). Mention one of your favorite films and ask her if she’s seen it and what she thinks of it.
This will establish a connection. Now, you know where to take her during your date.
It is imperative that your first phone call doesn’t drag on for too long. She may have something important to do. More importantly, you need to keep it short so that she’ll want to talk to you more.
Once you’ve created a connection, it’s time to suddenly cut the conversation. Appear busy. Tell her you’d like to talk to her more but you’ve got “more important things to do.”
Take note of the phrase “more important.” It does two things. First, it makes you look cocky and not desperate for her. She’ll think you must be really cool to not care if you’re hurting your chances with her. Most guys would grab on the opportunity to be with a girl for as long as they can, because they’re dying to get a date. But you’re different. You don’t give a sh*t if you can snag a date or not. This will suddenly make you become attractive to her. Second, this should trigger something in her to want to be more important than the thing you need to do. So if you ask her out or simply tell her you’re doing something on this particular day and invite her, she’d say ‘yes’ without batting an eyelash.
Calling a girl for the first time should not be gut-wrenching experience. With confidence and right preparation, you will sound like you’ve always done this before.