Best Pick Up Lines—Do They Really Work?

Do pick up lines work? This is the million-dollar question for most guys who want to meet girls so badly. If so, what are best pick up lines that will get you scoring with the ladies?
Pick up lines has found their way into our vocabulary. It’s part of our culture. Every man eager to meet women in any place always have a funny pick up line or two in their pockets. I’m sure you have a couple or more stored somewhere in the regions of your brain, ready to be used when the need arises.
There is no harm in using pick up lines. As a matter of fact, it has proven to be effective to some. The only problem today with using pick up lines is it has become old and tattered. When women hear them today, they know you’re being cheesy or trying hard to look and sound cool. Why? It’s because they’ve heard it all before!
“Is your father a thief? ‘Cause he stole the stars out of the sky and put them all in your eyes.”
“Are you tired? ‘Cause you’ve been running around in my mind.”
“Did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?”
“Am I dead? ‘Cause this must be heaven.”
Show some hands if you’ve used at least one of these lines while trying to pick up a woman. I knew it. These lines, as tempting as they may be to use are all OLD and TATTERED!
No one wants to hear them anymore—especially the ladies. They are much cleverer now that they instantly know when a guy is simply trying to impress them just to get in their pants. This is also why a lot of guys fail at dating, because they can’t build rapport and interest due to their inability to say something interesting to the ladies.
What about funny pick up lines? Don’t they work too?
As funny as they may be, girls have heard them all before. So don’t use them unless you want the girl to walk out on you or, worse, get beer thrown on your face.
Ask some experts and they will tell you that pick up lines don’t work. Professor of Psychology Monica Moor, Ph.D. says that the best way to access a woman’s level of interest is through body language. This could support some claims that pick up lines don’t work.
However, you shouldn’t totally shun pick up lines. Some of them do work, as long as they are not cheesy. Surprisingly, the most effective pick up lines are the simple and more straightforward ones. Don’t go for flowery and witty words. Just stick to the basics like:
“Hey, I feel a little embarrassed about this, but I really like to meet you.”
“What do you think of the band? Cool, eh?”
“Do you come here often? I don’t think I saw you before.”
Then follow up with asking her name and introducing yourself. When trying to use top pick up lines to meet women? Always remember, simple is effective.
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